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Rebirthing Breathwork

Are you a person living in their head? Not sure what to say when someone asks you how you feel? Do you overthink and analyse your feelings, rather than just feel them? Do you experience little room for feelings in your high paced, highly educated international environment?

Or feel like you have so much more potential than you currently show? Do you keep finding yourself back in the same patterns, no matter where you live? Does life often feel heavy or like a challenge, instead of light and in flow?

Rebirthing breathwork might just be what you need

Release trauma

Often as kids (and also in our mature life), we learned to hold our breathe and flee to our head or disassociate when something bad, unpredictable or scary happened. We did this because at the time it was too much for us to feel through it. These emotions and memories are locked in our body, however, and might consciously or subconsciously come up later. The body just wants to process and release these emotions, but we continue to suppress them, for example by positive thinking or ignoring our feelings all together.  


Rebirthing breathwork is a perfect tool to feel through your emotions. Through the connected breath, the body goes into full relaxation, and this is when stored emotions, tensions feel free to come up.

This time, however, you breathe through it. So you can process these tensions and let them go. Afterwards you often experience a beautiful bliss.

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Come back to your essence

As you release old tensions with every session, you feel lighter each time, like you're shedding skin. Less weight on your shoulders. You are more connected to your feelings and dreams, to your true self. 

Through the other pillars of rebirthing breathwork - spiritual purification and psychology - you keep your energy high and identify the subconscious limiting beliefs that have held you back and no longer serve you. You no longer need to be governed by them. 

You come back to your core essence and your purpose. Life feels like it was always meant to be: enjoyable and fun. You feel you are exactly where you need to be.

How does a session look like?

Rebirthing breathwork sessions take place live (so no online sessions). We always start the session with a check in: how you are feeling, what's been going on and your intention for the session. We may also take some time to look at major life events, talk about elements of rebirthing breathwork and discuss possible exercises I've suggested you to do.

Then we begin the connected breathing. It's hard to say how that looks like, as every person and every session is different. I will guide you through the breathing, possible tensions that come up and the bliss you may experience afterwards.

At the end, there is time for you to share what you experienced and I coach you through your insights and practical applications.


Sessions last for about 2-2.5 hours during a full journey of 10 sessions (2.5-3 hours if you only do a single session). In order to give these sessions, I completed an intensive, 3-week training in rebirthing breathwork, according to the teaching principles of its founder, Leonard Orr. 


I also offer breathwork in combination with full-session coaching. You are very welcome at my practice in The Hague!

"I was a little sceptical and unsure about breathwork at first as I wasn’t sure what it could do for me. However, Amanda made me feel at ease and created a safe space for me to let go and give it a honest chance. She really guided me through the breathing and helped me lean into it. Afterwards I felt lighter and relaxed, and I’m curious to see what else it could bring me."

- Jessica P.

Does breathwork still sound a bit vague to you? I get it... I had the same at first. Why don't you schedule a free call with me so you can ask all your questions?

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