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Are you that ever moving expat? And feel like you're always carrying on, split between countries, not completely at home where you are or still looking to shape your life abroad?

Join Expat Life School - the online course that helps you create a thriving life anywhere.

Stop letting external circumstances determine how you feel and start crafting your best life from the inside out - no matter where you go.


Join Expat Life School and use the 7 pillars to learn how you can feel grounded, connected and confident wherever you are - and be ready to handle whatever comes your way.

Expat Life School came exactly at the right time for me! As I moved back to the Netherlands after being an expat for 5+ years, I was looking for some guidance in returning home. The combination of mindset, interactive Q&A's and the community was very valuable in this transitional phase in my life. Thank you again, Amanda!"

Marloes S.


Is your expat life amazing but do you sometimes feel lost in it?

You accepted a job abroad and the first few months have been fantastic, full of new adventures.


But then the rut kind of kicks in again and you have more space in your head for worries and the downsides of living abroad. Old patterns resurface and you start to question yourself.


You struggle feeling grounded when you're overwhelmed with paperwork and building a new life, you're off exploring the country every weekend and you also try to maintain your relationships back home.  

And later on, as the novelty wears off, you question if you've made the right move coming here. You're frustrated that your family isn't part of your life and feel like your private life has halted, whereas all your friends are moving on.

You frequently ask yourself when you should make another move again. But changing job will change everything about your life. You struggle making decisions when you don't know how they pan out.

  • Your life abroad is amazing, but it feels like you barely have any grip on it, as everything keeps moving with so many new experiences.

  • You're not sure how to balance your new life with your friends and family back home and feel like you're living in two worlds. It's also tiring to keep justifying your decision to live abroad.

  • You wonder how your life would have looked liked if you had taken a different route in the past and if you're happy where you are now. Yet, the fear of the unknown and the endless choices paralyse you and prevent you from taking action.

  • It's hard to share your struggles with your inner circle back home because they don't really understand what it's like to live abroad - they think you're constantly living the dream.

  • You feel like you never really fit in and that there's always something missing from where you are (even when you have returned home).

  • You find it hard saying goodbye to friends every time and have lived abroad so often, that you don't even feel at home in your own country anymore. You feel more like a world citizen.

do you recognise this?

I know how you feel... I oftentimes felt lost, insecure or overwhelmed when I lived abroad, even though so many aspects of my life abroad were amazing

now imagine...

20220713-Amanda Molenaar-Reggy van Liempd-3316-2.jpg

"What felt like a fragmented life scattered across countries, now feels like a coherent story - your unique story."

You live abroad but despite the demanding and exciting circumstances, you feel grounded. You wake up feeling calm and happy, looking forward to what the new day will bring.

Your head is more quiet and is no longer talking you into moving (home) again. The stream of doubts about the endless choices you can make has stopped. You know your strengths and needs, and feel confident in keeping balance.

You've accepted your new reality and the fact that you are kind of split between two worlds (the new and the home country). When you end a Facetime call with your family, you notice that you miss them but then happily continue your day. You truly feel at home in your new place.

You know that your longer term future could take place anywhere from Argentina to Indonesia, but you have a relaxed posture towards the unknown and have learned to attach less to your own expectations.

You have a clear sense of direction and don't let yourself easily distract from your goals. You're ready to handle whatever comes your way and feel like you're in charge.

Cue in:


The online programme on personal development for expats. Join us for an inner journey and connect with a community of likeminded globetrotters who are going on the same adventure. Feel confident about your choices & future, connected to your inner self & your loved ones far away, and grounded even when everything is moving. 

Everything you need to know as an expat or as an expat moving back home. Expat Life School will help you to let go of the stress and to enjoy your international experience to the fullest!"

Lisa H.

I was once that restless, always travelling globetrotter. Although in my 7+ years abroad I absolutely loved my life and the experiences that came with it, there were downsides too, some of which I only really understood afterwards. 

Sometimes I felt lonely, overwhelmed with challenges, overwhelmed with excitement, lethargic, and not understood by my inner circle back home. Yet I kept wanting to go abroad.

It took me a pandemic, the passing of my father, a broken heart and a move back home (all wrapped into a few months) to realise that by constantly moving and travelling abroad, I was also running away from feelings. Life abroad was a perfect distraction from unpleasant emotions that had been there for years.

Reizen in Zweden
20220713-Amanda Molenaar-Reggy van Liempd-3428-2.jpg

When it was impossible to go abroad and I was kind of forced to sit with my feelings and go for that inner journey, something finally shifted.

I came home within myself. And I feel at home now no matter where I go.

I now know what luggage I bring, what my needs and triggers are, and what makes me jump out of bed with joy in the morning. All these things help me to feel centred, grounded and confident, every single day. I have a rock solid trust in myself.

I wish the same to you. That's why I collected my most valuable lessons and tips of the past years as an expat and coach and created Expat Life School - so you feel at home and start thriving, too.

Schermafbeelding 2023-01-16 om 13.24.32.png
Schermafbeelding 2023-01-16 om 13.20.21.png
Schermafbeelding 2023-01-16 om 13.19.33.png

Expat Life School - how to create your best life anywhere

With Expat Life School you will get all the tools you need to feel at home, engage more in the local culture, maintain your relationships, define your dreams, remain confident & excited towards your goals and so much more.


Plus, a welcoming community of like-minded souls for you to connect with. Together we'll go on this journey and dive deeper into the course topics during the group sessions. Expat Life School is like a life line you can always lean on to reassess where you are and determine where you're going, while being supported by your own global tribe.

3 hours of video content (37 videos!) full of inspiration, knowledge and tips (€350)

A work book, exercises and visualisations (€50)

5 (thematic) group sessions via Zoom with Q&A's and group & hot seat coaching (€450)

A welcoming online community of fellow globetrotters to connect and share your wins & struggles with (€50)

normally €1000..

early bird price until 17 February: €237

Regular price from 18 February: €287

"This course offers something for everyone."
- Simone L.

After completing the course you will have...

This is what you will learn in the modules


Module 1: Starting over 

You will learn about embracing your new identity, the phases of expat life, dealing with expectations and how to stay relaxed when everything around you is moving. We will do mindset work and you will dive into the parts of yourself you are bringing along.


Module 2: Colouring in your new life

Moving abroad means a fresh new start where anything seems possible. How can you make the most use of this vibe? In this module you will set priorities, dream a bit bigger, stay close to your goals on a daily basis and learn how to deal with obstacles.​ I'll teach you the method that was a game changer for me.

Module 3: Feeling at home

Feeling comfortable and at home is a basic requirement for a thriving life. You will identify your needs and energy boosts & leaks, get tips on how to create a home, and learn how to engage more in the local culture.


Module 4: Dealing with the home front

Let's not forget about the people back home. How do you balance your life abroad and your life back home? How to deal with the home front who really doesn't understand your new life? And what if you don't feel at home there anymore?


Module 5: Relationships

Expat life can affect your relationships & friendships. Learn how your introvert/extravert personality is impacting how you build new relationships, and get tips on how to find new friends, how to brace your relationship for impact and what to do when you're single.


Module 6: When things get tough

The tough get going! Let's build your resilience and find your inner peace despite the turbulence. Learn what to do in case of isolation & loneliness, lethargy & depression, and a crisis. Stay grounded and feel empowered again.


Module 7: What about the future?

You will learn to feel more relaxed towards the unknown, to switch your approach from 'temporary' to 'permanent but loose', and to say goodbye in a profound way when it's time to move again.


A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions

This is why this course is unique

Not your average expat course

Whereas most courses on expat life treat topics like tax, finding rentals and how to make friends - the conditions of expat life -  this course is all about YOU. Expat life school focuses on how you can thrive in your expat life, making you the center piece of attention.

You can do this course anywhere, anytime


Expat life school is not focused on a specific region or country. And as you can take this course online, you can follow it anywhere and anytime - whether you’ve just moved to Argentina, have been living in Indonesia for years, or are getting ready for your move to Berlin.

A mix of personal development and personal expat experiences


You will not only get my tools and knowledge as a life coach for expats, but I will also share concrete tips and stories from my own 7+ years’ experience of living abroad. I really know what you’re going through.

This course puts you into action


You won't just be watching videos - I’ve created some powerful exercises for you so you can really get to know yourself, plus visualisations for you to go a bit deeper!

A welcoming online community with likeminded people


Connect with other expats & globetrotters in the online community (specifically created for this course!), and share your struggles and questions with your peers. They are going through the same process as you and you can find real understanding. 

Dive even deeper in live sessions


Expat life school is not just a course - it's a 3-month programme that comes with 5(!) live sessions. Together with the rest of the group you’ll dive deeper into the course topics and have the opportunity to ask me (or the community) anything related to expat life and personal development.


About me

I'm a life coach, former diplomat and ongoing avid traveler. Since switching careers I've coached dozens of expats and globetrotting souls. My coaching and the tools I put in Expat Life School have helped them to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, so they now too feel centred within, wherever they go. As I've lived abroad for over 7 years myself, every time in a different role, I know first hand what it's like to work, live and travel abroad - and all the challenges that come with it.

Deel alle goede klantrecensies over je bedrijf. Dubbelklik hier of klik op Tekst bewerken.



Cinthya M.

"ELS and Amanda surprised me greatly. To be honest, at first I was more curious than motivated. Being from Nicaragua and living in Spain, I was not in a good mindset at the time. As the course progressed, especially with the group live sessions with Amanda, I felt a great comfort knowing that I could speak and share in the ELS community. I was not afraid to share my experience and especially the way Amanda led the group, giving us tips and guidance so that we could share without feeling forced, and improve our quality of life by taking control of it, was a radical change for me.

I highly recommend ELS if you want to invest in yourself. As humans, we need this type of education around the world. Amanda has a natural talent for this kind of work. I feel confident and also like to share more in this community. Thank you for your hard work Amanda!


Melissa F.

"This course came just at the right moment! I'm trying to figure out how to combine my business with long travels/expat life. Amanda has such a vibrant energy! She really knows how to help you find the best version of yourself! It was contagious and made me step up my game! I loved the build up in the course. It has all the stages of expat life, from start to finish. It really gives you everything you need to feel at home within you as an expat. But also when you are currently back home like I am. Through videos and exercises I digged deeper within myself, my mindset and were able to make changes that align with my future. In a live session, Amanda answered my questions and encouraged me to look at other possibilities, gave me some exercises and here I am. I took a month off and just started travelling Vietnam. Finally giving myself permission to combine my business with travelling. So thankful for this course and for Amanda's way of coaching!

Reizen in Zweden

Simone L.

"I met Amanda during a yoga retreat in Thailand in 2016. Since then, I've been following her journey, from working as a diplomat in Brazil, to settling back in The Netherlands, and her career swop to expat coach. I've been living in Australia since 2017 and this still comes with its challenges. Therefore, I was very curious to Expat Life School.


I'm very impressed by the content. Amanda discusses a wide range of topics. The videos are short and easy to listen to (for instance on the go or during your lunch break). Amanda has a calm and clear voice, and shares a wealth of knowledge and experiences. She gives many examples and useful exercises. Some exercises were so powerful to me, that I will keep coming back to them.


Above all, I really enjoyed Amanda's approach of sympathy for ourselves, kindness and acceptance. This course offers something for everyone.

Is this the right course for you?

Yes, if you're an expat living abroad and have that nagging feeling that your life could be better. Maybe you struggle with staying grounded while everything is moving, feel like you could use some guidance on setting goals or just want to learn from people who've been through the same thing.

Yes, if you're about to move abroad and want to make sure you have all the tools to create your best life.

Yes, if you're an expat who has returned home and is struggling with rebuilding a life. The tools in this course will help you too.

Yes, if you're technically not an expat but perhaps a digital nomad or just someone who is always abroad. If you feel understood here, you are very welcome!

No, if you're just looking for practical tips on things of expat life that are not about you (tax, finding rentals, insurance, etc).

Een tas inpakken

And this is how the course works

Expat life School is an online programme and consists of 3 hours of video content, a work book, an online community and 5 live group Zoom sessions.

Step 1. After you purchase Expat Life School, you'll get a confirmation email and access to the course platform (there's already a video & exercise waiting for you!).

Step 2. You will get full access to the course and to the community on 1 March - and we'll also have our kick-off session that day!

Step 3. The other 4 group sessions and bonuses will take place until 31 May. Not able to join? Don't worry, you'll receive the replay of every session!

These are the dates of the group sessions & bonuses (all times in CET):

  • Kick-off: 1 March 20.00 - 21.30

  • Group sessions: 19 March 14.00 - 15.00, 10 April 20.00 - 21.00, 7 May 14.00 - 15.00, 31 May 20.00 - 21.00

  • Bonus cultural differences: 5 March 14.00 - 15.00

  • Bonus introvert abundance: tbc


Early bird price: €237

From 18 February the price jumps to €287

This is what you'll get when you join NOW

Dozens of easy-to-digest videos, a work book, guided visualisations and exercises - all so you can lead your best life abroad.

A welcoming online community of people who are in the same boat, where you can share anything about expat life. Find your global tribe!

5 live Q&A & group coaching sessions via Zoom, around specific themes and providing you the opportunity to ask me any question you have on expat life & personal development.

Bonus masterclasses by experts

money return march.png

How to work more successfully internationally & across cultures

By Coco Hofs, Intercultural trainer & consultant

As an expat you interact and do business with people from other cultures than your own. How well do we prepare ourselves for the cultural aspect of international business? In Coco's masterclass you will learn about culture, how it affects leadership and business, and how to become more effective when working with other cultures. 


After this masterclass you will: 

  • Know what culture is and what it means for the way we do business. 

  • Feel more confident interacting with people from other cultures. 

  • Understand how cultural perception and what you can do be more aware of how you come across in other cultures. 

  • Be able to address cultural differences and have what it takes to manage them. 

  • Have tips, tricks and the tools to bridge cultural differences. 


The introvert way to create a life of abundance

By Marcel Wijermars, entrepreneur & keynote speaker

How to make new connections? 


As an introverted entrepreneur and digital nomad, I spent years figuring out how to make meaningful new connections by learning all about social skills, conversations and networking.

With “The Introvert Way to create a Life of Abundance”, I’m sharing how you can improve your social skills, take your conversations beyond small talk, and take your networking strategy to the next level.

We’ll cover:

  • A proven process to make valuable new connections. Successfully used by both introverts and extroverts.

  • What “introvert” actually means, and how being an introvert changes your networking strategy.

  • 3 powerful methods to make your conversations more engaging, rewarding and fun, beyond small talk.

And if you sign up before 1 March, you'll also get these bonuses...


Ready to thrive in your expat life?

I'd love to teach you how I went from a restless globetrotter to a global citizen who feels centred within. Join my course and use the 7 pillars to learn how you can feel grounded, confident and connected no matter where you go - and stay your course towards your dreams despite the turbulence that may come your way. I'll take you on an inner journey and teach you how you can rely even more on yourself - in a sustainable, energy giving way.

3 hours of video content full of inspiration, knowledge and tips (€350)

A work book, exercises and visualisation (€50)

5 live group sessions via Zoom (worth €450)

Join the online community of fellow globetrotters to connect and share (worth €50)

now only €237

If you join before 18 February

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