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Live a life you feel truly happy & fulfilled in, wherever you are

Coaching & courses for high-achieving expats & globetrotters


You've got it all: career, life abroad, travel, fun...

From the outside your expat life looks amazing, yet there's a part of you that feels unfulfilled

  • Everyone thinks you're living the dream with a coconut on the beach, but you know this life comes with challenges & sacrifices.


  • You’ve said yes to so many exciting opportunities abroad, that you’re now wondering where this high-speed train is actually going.

  • You've achieved so many milestones abroad, but it almost feels you’ve got nothing to show for it when you return home.

  • You've learned to rely strongly on yourself, but there's so much going on that switching off your brain at night becomes difficult.

  • You want to enjoy the new country to the fullest and to continue to excel in your career, making you feel like you're losing grip on your life.

Having moved so much you realise that it doesn't matter where you live - you always bring the same thinking and behavioral patterns with you


You're ready to be in the driver's seat again

and make authentic & intentional choices, so you can...

  • create a healthy work life balance - so you have a quiet mind when you go to bed.

  • put yourself first without feeling guilty towards your family, partner, friends or boss.

  • feel confident about the choices you make - even when others don’t understand them

  • have deeper connections with those close to you, regardless of where you live.

  • start making the important changes as you go instead of 'waiting till everything is a bit more calm'.

The Coaching Journey

In The Coaching Journey you'll discover which beliefs, thoughts and behaviors are holding you back from making the life changes you've been craving for so long. In 3-4 months we'll work together on fundamentally changing them so you can make concrete and long lasting steps towards the global life of your dreams.

Reizen in Zweden
 My coaching options 

Your Next Destination

Wondering if it’s time to move again, but finding yourself stuck in the same thinking loop and can't make a decision? I get it - when you’re an expat, a choice about your career or location can be complicated simply because it affects the rest of your life too. In Your Next Destination I offer short support to get you out of that loop, think with you and help you find more clarity around your decision.

What I can help you with

Going beyond your usual thinking so you get perspectives you weren't able to see before

Feeling a solidity within yourself, even if your outer circumstances change

Setting goals that are completely in line with who you are and where you want to go

Acknowledging what you really feel, so you'll free up energy

Relying on yourself - you as your own anchor, wherever in the world you are

For years I roamed the world...

Whether for travel, study, or work, I enjoyed every move abroad. But looking back, all those exciting adventures were also a flight away from what I was truly feeling. For example, I felt like an imposter at work and my solution was to work harder, to then only want to escape from it all.

Now I still like to travel, but I have also found my home within myself - that I carry with me wherever I go. I've become the CEO of my expat life and feel happier and more fulfilled than ever:

  • I confidently left behind my diplomacy career to pursue my dreams

  • I feel calm, connected and grounded even when I start anew somewhere again

  • I fearlessly take big life decisions

  • My relationships are much deeper because I'm expressing my authentic self

And I wish the same to you.

I work exclusively with expats and I’ve coached over 100 globetrotters, residing in 5 different continents and from 25 different countries.

Amanda Maxime.jpg

Home country: The Netherlands 🇳🇱

Currently in: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 🇧🇷


I always thought I could solve things on my own, but this turned out not to be quite the case. I have experienced the coaching as very pleasant. I immediately felt heard and understood, and this allowed me to open up completely.”

- Kelly S.

Amanda knows how to create a safe space where all feelings and thoughts are allowed. She has the ability to thoroughly examine emotions, assumptions, behavioural patterns etc. and to give feedback in a kind yet straightforward way. Amanda helped me realize I was actually struggling with my position as a young woman in a masculine work environment and as a result of her coaching, I feel much more comfortable and confident about myself.”

- A.S. v. V.

I have done some therapy in the past, but these coaching sessions were different. Intense and quite revealing given the fact that we had only 5 sessions. I notice the results in my daily life. I am more prone to accept some things and ready to have some difficult chats.”

- Sara C.


Ready to make more powerful decisions in your expat life?

Start showing up as the CEO of it, so you can feel happier, more confident and more fulfilled.

If you're a bit like all the expats I've coached over the last 2 years, you probably keep yourself occupied find distraction or look to their external circumstances if they’re starting to feel unhappy or unfulfilled. But I believe that going inwards and uncovering your authentic self is the most effective way to create a global life you feel truly happy in. And in my coaching we do exactly that.


Through exercises we’ll uncover your beliefs, thoughts, patterns and emotions that were perhaps unknown to you. So you can start making authentic decisions that create long lasting changes and take them with you wherever you may go in the future.


The true adventure is inwards!

Want to learn how to uncover your authentic self so you can create an expat life you love?

In my podcast This Expat Life I share personal stories, practical tips and interviews with experts, inspiring you to think differently, make space for your needs and get into action.

Because you might feel alone on your personal journey... But the 10.000+ downloads of This Expat Life clearly show that you're not!

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