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Ignite 2024: create your best year 

A 2-hour masterclass + 2 Q&A sessions about goal setting in a non-traditional way, so you can really create the change you're after in 2024

Feel like 2024 is going to be your year? Have some goals in mind but you aren't confident that you will stick to your New Year's resolutions or there's just too much uncertainty in your expat life? Let me help you with a method that has helped me to completely shift my life, both in bold moves and in tiny tweaks. Let's ignite 2024 together so you can live your best year as of yet - with many more to come.

My entire adult life I've been a huge fan of the late December period, mainly because of this:

The chance of a fresh new start in the new year 🤩

A clean slate where anything is still possible, without the mental clutter of the previous year. Finally the time & space to create the change I want - right?


I would always be full of ideas to try out and behaviour to change... Yet somehow my new resolutions didn't stick. Busy expat life took over. And by the time Blue Monday came around, I was already back in my old patterns 😞

Until I learned a different approach: a non-traditional way of goal-setting. Forget will-power and discipline, this more flowy way of achieving goals has changed everything for me.


I was able to completely shift my life - like my confident move from diplomacy to life coaching & entrepreneurship - thanks to it.


And I can't wait to share it with you - so you can create the life you're dreaming of in 2024!


This 2-hour masterclass is for you if...

  • You've been wanting to make changes in your life - whether those are about relationships, career, personal goals or simply more peace of mind - yet you somehow can't seem to make it happen.

  • You made some progress yet the real shift you've been dreaming of hasn't materialised.

  • You'd like to live more intentionally in 2024, but your expat life is creating a lot of uncertainty about how your life will look later in the year.

  • You love the New Year's vibe as much as I do but simply can't stick to your resolutions. You have the same ones on your list over and over again...

  • You've been using will-power, discipline and ratio to achieve your goals, but the way towards them felt like a struggle. You know goal achieving can feel different, with much more joy and fun.

  • You start the year off on a high note, but over the weeks or months your vision feels watered down, as daily hectic life and opinions of others take over.

  • You're dreaming of a BIG bold move like quitting your job, and you want all the tools you can get to make it happen.

In a nutshell... You want 2024 to be your year!

Join Ignite 2024 if you want to

  • Learn about a new way of goal setting & achieving, so you can create the life you're dreaming of in 2024, this time for real!

  • Understand what goals you need to prioritise in 2024.

  • Want to use the last two weeks of December in an intentional way to round up the current year and kickstart the new - so by January 1st, you already have a head start.

  • Take intentional action for concrete change throughout the year, despite your busy expat life.

  • Get practical tips & tools that you can use every day to make sure you stay committed to your new path

In the masterclass Ignite 2024, I share the method that has been a game-changer for me, plus all the practical tips & tools I still use to continue upgrading my life.

Presented by Amanda Maxime, life coach for expats

As a life coach for expats and former diplomat & expat myself, I'm obsessed with personal development and embodying the feeling of 'the world is my oyster'. And at the same time I also know from my own experience that upgrading your life and staying committed to your growth isn't always easy in expat life, where everything is constantly in flux or in limbo.

Yet even when you don't know where you'll live next year or how you love life will look when you take that new job, there is always room to start building your dream life. Whether it's big moves or tiny tweaks, the right approach can really help you live a life you love - even when you don't know how your circumstances are going to play out.

I've started applying the methods & tools of the masterclass myself when I lived in Brazil as a diplomat, and when I returned back home. My move back home was far from easy - with my father's unexpected passing, a pandemic, heartache and so much more in just a few months. Yet even in these challenging circumstances, I was able to go after my big scary goal of quitting my diplomacy career and starting my own coaching business. And I would love to share my tips with you, so you can start living life authentically too, even with some turbulence on your way.

What this masterclass is about

4 steps to start the new year

I'll take you through 4 steps I always take before the start of a new year:

1. Reflection & letting go

2. Dreaming

3. Focus

4. Being & doing

Practical tips & tools

As always, this masterclass is filled with practical tips plus examples for you to learn from, so you can start applying change to your life right away.

Q&A time

You'll be able to join two office hours in January & February to ask any question on this topic. There's no holding back from me in my answers as I'm 100% committed to your growth!

And what you'll get

In the 2-hour masterclass you'll get my entire strategy + practical tips so that you can approach your goals for the new year in a completely different way - one that is lasting & empowering, helping you to change your life. You'll also get all your questions answered, plus a workbook with questions and exercises you can do in the remaining days of 2023, so you're completely ready for 2024 before the clock hits 12!

✅ 2-hour recorded masterclass

✅ workbook

✅ two office hours* in January & February that you can join free of charge to ask any question you have on this topic or your foundation for 2024, or for advice / peptalk.

Office hours take place on Monday 22 January and Wednesday 28 February at 20.00 CET


only €97!


Practical information

Ignite 2024 is a recorded masterclass.

After registration you will receive a confirmation email, plus an email with the recording and your workbook.

You will also receive an email in the new year about the Q&A sessions on 22 January and 28 February, that you can join as part of your package.

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