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Coaching for high-achieving expats & globetrotters

Coming home to yourself, wherever you are in the world


Do you recognise... 

  • Although your expat life is amazing, it can be hard to always be so self-reliant.


  • Clashing with your boss or fleeing a relationship, again: you have your life in order, but struggle with patterns that keep coming back and hinder your growth, no matter how often you change your environment.

  • You've moved so often, that you wonder if you're capable of ever settling down.

  • You came back to your home country after being abroad and feel displaced: the life you had so carefully constructed abroad is suddenly over, while everyone at home has moved on with their own lives.

  • Everyone thinks you're living the dream with a coconut on the beach, but you experience very little space to show the downsides of your life abroad.

Sound familiar? Imagine...

  • feeling centered amidst transitioning from one country to the other

  • tapping into a deep trust and knowing you can handle anything, no matter how often your circumstances change

  • having the tools to break the persistent patterns that have been following you around

  • feeling so steady internally that you stop feeling the need to find distraction elsewhere

  • recognising your feelings and being your own anchor, so you don't need to rely on an inner circle that's far away

Meet Amanda

Certified coach

Hi, I'm Amanda. For years I roamed the world: I traveled for fun or lived abroad for work and study. I enjoyed every move, but looking back it was also a flight away from what I was truly feeling. Now I still like to travel, but I have also found my home within myself. I wish the same for you.

I coach high-achieving expats & globetrotters who get stuck somewhere. Who for a moment don't know what their head and their heart are saying. Who are used to doing things on their own, but sometimes also need an anchor to hold onto. And who also struggle with the complicating factor of living (or having lived) abroad.


I've coached over 70 globetrotters, with totalling over 20 different nationalities and residing in 3 different continents. Whether you live abroad now, have just returned home or simply move around a lot, you have come to the right place.

Amanda Maxime.jpg

What I can help you with

Reflecting on your emotions and exploring what you really feel

Feeling the same solidity you experience at work in your private life

Setting goals that are completely in line with who you are and where you want to go

Relying on yourself - you as your own anchor, wherever in the world you are

Being able to be yourself, with all your luggage

"Life is lived forward and understood afterwards"

Reizen in Zweden


Coaching can help you to identify, understand and change your beliefs, thoughts and behaviour, so you can make concrete and long lasting steps towards your dreams. Don't worry, we won't be talking the entire time - through exercises I work with you on more subconscious level, where you'll find many surprising answers. Discover yours!



I always thought I could solve things on my own, but this turned out not to be quite the case. I have experienced the coaching as very pleasant. I immediately felt heard and understood, and this allowed me to open up completely.”

- Kelly S.

Amanda knows how to create a safe space where all feelings and thoughts are allowed. She has the ability to thoroughly examine emotions, assumptions, behavioural patterns etc. and to give feedback in a kind yet straightforward way. Amanda helped me realize I was actually struggling with my position as a young woman in a masculine work environment and as a result of her coaching, I feel much more comfortable and confident about myself.”

- A.S. v. V.

I have done some therapy in the past, but these coaching sessions were different. Intense and quite revealing given the fact that we had only 5 sessions. I notice the results in my daily life. I am more prone to accept some things and ready to have some difficult chats.”

- Sara C.

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