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The Expat's Path -
Living abroad with purpose

An online training to navigate life abroad from a place of trust & alignment

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Let's go back to the basis

Frustrated with aspects of your life abroad but not sure where to start? Overwhelmed and can't get a grip? Tired of not getting closer to your goals no matter how hard you try.. and instead want to intentionally get closer to your goals with a purpose in mind that sets your heart on fire? 😍


It's possible! The Expat's Path - living abroad with purpose is your training to identify the blocks currently holding you back, understand your mission in life and make aligned changes at the right level. So you can create a new outcome that lasts - wherever you go.

Only €57!

Let's be honest...

You know you can't complain as you've got all your ducks in order, but if you're honest, life abroad is not (yet) what you've dreamed of.

You tried to make changes - learning the local language to integrate more or taking a productivity training to feel less stressed -  but they don't seem to last. You keep going back to square one. It's almost like you get pulled back by an unknown force.

You're frustrated that you can't seem to reach your true dreams & goals, even when you think of them so often. Or maybe you don't even know what drives you.

But you do know this: your life abroad would be much more fulfilling if you can simply materialise what your heart is craving. You just need to get there...

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For whom is The Expat's Path?

This training is for all expats who are needing a change and are willing to explore their inner world to make it happen. Whether you've just moved abroad or are a serial expat, The Expat's Path can be used at any time (and as often as you want!). 

What will you achieve?
  • Insights in your behaviour, thoughts & beliefs for the situation you are frustrated with - plus, for life in general

  • Understanding what you stand for in life

  • Knowing where your blocks lie - and at what level you need to make changes so that they can last

  • Seeing what would be possible if you align your steps with who you truly are

  • Knowing what next steps to take to make it happen

What do you get?
  • Immediate access to the private learning environment, where the training is waiting for you

  • A video training of about 30 min in which I explain more about the different levels of change and you will do a guided exercise

  • A workbook with a different approach to the exercise, additional questions, and follow-up steps to implement your insights

  • Unlimited, life time access to the videos & workbook so you can do the exercise as often as you like

A coachees' favourite now available as an online training!

Roadtrip in bergen

"The coaching sessions with Amanda actually made things a lot more clear and simple to me. I am no longer semi-avoiding or suppressing the topic and feel a lot more confident in my choices."

— Christine P.

Wachten op vlucht

"I highly recommend Amanda as a coach to anyone who's going through some big changes or thinking about it."

— Lieselotte P.


Your coach Amanda Maxime

Hi! My name is Amanda and as a life coach for expats - and former expat & diplomat myself - I know what it's like to live abroad. And how insecurities, doubts & blocks can present themselves much stronger when you're navigating life abroad on your own, being thrown into the deep. After having quit my diplomacy career, I've helped over 50 globetrotters to solidify their personal growth through coaching & courses.


The exercise of the training has become a favourite with my coachees - it has taught them so much about how they think, what they do & what they stand for, that it's become much easier for them to make changes.

  • finally getting to the core of the situation you're frustrated with, rather than being stuck in the same loop of your usual thoughts

  • knowing exactly at what level to make changes, so you no longer have to find yet another quick solution and hope for the best

  • operating from a place of inner trust, even in a different culture that's totally new to you, because you know what you stand for

  • proactively taking steps instead of responding to outer events

  • aligning all your beliefs, thoughts & actions to your mission, so you can create an outcome you're truly happy with

What is the training about?

There are 6 'logical levels of change', as identified by George Bateson and Robert Dilts:

  • mission

  • identity

  • beliefs

  • skills

  • behaviour

  • environment

The levels are represented as a hierarchy, with the theory behind it that processes & events at one level influence processes & events at the level below.

The model is a fantastic tool to analyse a situation and get a better sense of what's really going on inside of you, so you can make better-informed choices that are also aligned with your mission.

In the training I explain more about the model and I will guide your through a powerful exercise, in which you will explore all levels applied to a situation you're frustrated with. And you'll do the same thing again, but then coming from your mission!

In the workbook you will get an additional approach to the exercise, questions to ask yourself for every step of the model, plus my suggestions to implement change at each level - so you can really create long-lasting impact.

All my coachees loved this model as it helped them to order everything they were experiencing, learn something new about themselves and gain clear insights into what needed to be changed.


And the best part: you can come back to this exercise as often as you like or need!

And this is how it works

After payment you will receive an email with the link to the learning environment of the training. You can log in and start right away - the videos and workbook are waiting for you already! You can come back to the training as often as you like, as you have unlimited, lifetime access.

Natasja D.

"It was as if Amanda had helped me to discover / open up a part of myself, which then started to develop further and further. It had started a domino-effect of realisations which I couldn't stop."

Elise v.d. W.

"Amanda helped me to create calmness instead of chaos in my mind, body and business. Now, there is overview, more inner trust in my capabilities and more confidence in my story and mission."

James K.

"I'd certainly recommend Amanda to anyone who is thinking about getting some coaching!"

Frequently asked questions

How long does the training take?

The videos (which include the exercise) take about 30 minutes. There's also a workbook with optional exercises & questions.

Is the training relevant if I've already started coaching?

Absolutely - unless you're working with the logical levels of Bateson already, of course.

When does the training start?

It's a video training without extra guidance, so you can do the course at any time that's convenient for you. You'll get immediate access after purchase.

How do I get access?

After purchase you will immediately receive an email with your personal log in details for Kajabi, where the course is hosted. You can also download the Kajabi app so you can do the training from your phone, anywhere you want! 


Got another question?

Contact me at [info @ amandamaximecoaching . com].​ 

Reizen in Zweden

The Expat's Path

a personal journey for only €57

  • Video training of 30 min with a practical & powerful exercise

  • Workbook with questions, approaches & implementation suggestions

  • Untangle all the thoughts, actions & beliefs of the situation that's keeping you up at night 

  • Discover at what level you need to make changes to create a different outcome

  • Understand your mission and live your life abroad from a place of trust & alignment

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