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Your next destination

Taking big life decisions is harder as an expat, period.

Choices for your career, relationships or personal goals can be difficult for anyone. But it gets more complicated as an expat.

Why? Because a decision about
 your career doesn't affect just your career. If you currently live & work abroad but don't like your job anymore, you'll automatically also start questioning your stay in the host country - and more.

"If I quit my job, do I want to find another one here? Or is it time for me to move back home? But my career perspective isn't great there. Maybe I
should go to another country? But what about my relationship?" 🤯

These thoughts can spiral and before you know it, you're lost in a sea of doubts, thoughts and emotions and don't know what to choose anymore.
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"By the end of my first session, I already had the answer to my initial question"
- Natasja D.

Let me help you find clarity

I've been in your shoes, debating with myself whether I should go for another diplomat posting (the adventure! the pay!) or go home to grow some roots.


What I learned is that listing pros & cons never really works. Because that only takes into account your ratio - but our feelings determine much more whether we're happy with a decision.


But how can you really understand what you're feeling when so many conflicting emotions, reasons and doubts seem to be there? What can you trust and what takes preference in your choice?


It can be a difficult process. That's why I created Your next destination: a mini coaching package to help you find clarity in your decision-making process.

Your next destination

Your next destination is for expats who are facing a decision that might turn their life upside down again - and who simply can't seem to make a choice. 

You'll get coached in 2 online sessions of 60 min each, with an assignment in between to go deeper. You'll get to know yourself better, beyond the rational voice in your head, and explore your emotions, desires & fears.

After the sessions you'll have more clarity on what move you should make and feel confident about it.


Why hire a coach for expats?

I know you, high-achieving expat: you're smart and you're super self-reliant. You're used to making choices on your own, probably consulting a few friends or trusted family members as you go through the process, but that's it. You don't want to bother others, plus: do they really understand you?

So getting help from an outsider isn't in your usual way of operating. But you're not getting much further with this specific big choice you need to make, am I right?

So why not ask for some help this time? A life coach can help you understand & clarify all the thoughts, feelings & doubts that are racing through your mind around this decision. An objective listening ear, who is trained to help you go deeper - so you can really move beyond your own thinking and make better choices.

What's even better is when that life coach is specialised in working with expats - so you don't need to spend precious time explaining what expat life is like and how it's affecting your choices (you're probably tired of explaining yourself to people who never lived abroad already anyway).

The main advantage of working with me, is that I know exactly what you're going through. I lived abroad for over 7 years and dealt with the same struggles and choices. I felt alone in my journey as I couldn't always get the right support in my decision-making processes from my inner circle who never lived abroad.

Now as a certified professional life coach working exclusively with expats, I help other globetrotters to take decisions that align with who they truly are and with their long term vision.

This is what Your Next Destination can mean for you:
  • not doing it alone (for once), but finding recognition and guidance by someone who's been in your shoes

  • finding clarity in your thoughts, emotions & doubts around your dilemma

  • identifying what it is what you really want - and need - so you can work on that, whatever your circumstances

  • taking a decision you feel truly good with, because it's aligned with who you are from the inside + what you want in the long run

Wachten op vlucht

How it works

Your Next Destination consists of two coaching sessions of one hour each, plus an assignment in between for you to go deeper (what that assignment will be will depend on your situation & blocks).


Generally in the first session we'll map your different options and I'll help you identify what's holding you back. In the second we'll do more work on this and get you feel empowered on making a choice.

But nothing is set in stone - perhaps you already clearly know what you want to do but fear is holding you back, so we'll work on your deeper beliefs. Or you may discover your answer very quickly and we'll use the two sessions for reverse planning to make sure you'll meet your vision.


My sessions are always personalised and I will tailor them to your needs, giving you the best coaching tools I think are the right match for you. But in all cases: after 2 sessions I want you to leave with a concrete decision and a deeper understanding of yourself.

There's no need to have a match call first - you are welcome to buy this package any time. After purchasing Your Next Destination, you'll automatically receive the link to book your sessions, ideally with 2-3 weeks in between.

Hi, I'm Amanda Maxime

And I'm a life coach for high-achieving expats. As a former diplomat & travel enthusiast with 7+ years abroad, I know first-hand what it's like to build a whole new life in a different country. I also struggled with the typical expat challenges and the effects they had on my relationships, happiness at work, personal goals and steadiness within. Everything changed when I learned to dig deeper and came understand the patterns at play. Now I feel much more confident riding the waves of (expat) life and the choices that come with it.

Currently based in the Netherlands again, I've coached over 70 globetrotters and helped them to feel as steady in their personal life as they do in their career.

I'm certified by the Dutch Order of Professional Coaches (NOBCO) and work with a wide range of methods & tools. 

Good to know: I exclusively work with expats, and adding to that my personal experience abroad, I'm very familiar with the challenges that come with expat life. You don't need to explain your context to me, allowing us to go to the core of the issue straight away.

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Your Next Destination

Ideal for expats who are struggle to take a decision that will uproot their life (once again) or who just don't know what to choose.

What you'll get:

  • 2 online coaching sessions of one hour each 

  • An assignment (adjusted to your situation) in between to help you go deeper

  • Onboarding questionnaire

Your investment: €279 (option to pay in installments available)



Korrelig oppervlak

Christine P.

"To be honest I was very hesitant at first to get a coach as I thought I should be able to figure things out on my own and I didn`t want to make it into a big deal. However, the coaching sessions with Amanda actually, made things a lot more clear and simple to me. I am no longer semi-avoiding/ suppressing the topic and feel a lot more confident in my choices.

Korrelig oppervlak

Kelly S.

"I always thought I could solve things on my own, but this turned out not to be quite the case. I have experienced the coaching as very pleasant. I immediately felt heard and understood, and this allowed me to open up completely.

Korrelig oppervlak

James K.

"I was a little lost before I started my coaching sessions and felt I needed external support to get me back on track. After the first session with Amanda I noticed a positive change. Amanda was able to listen and give specific advice how to act and think differently in a situation and gave reason to how I was feeling. Our three sessions felt like good, natural conversations with a friend. I'd certainly recommend Amanda to anyone who is thinking about getting some coaching!

Uitzicht uit vliegtuig

Amanda Maxime was a great help to me as a coach. She is wonderful at navigating difficult emotional topics and asked the kind of questions that gave me a better insight into who I am and where I want to be.


I now feel better in touch with my feelings and understand where they come from, rather than being stuck in my mind most of the time.


I could clearly feel Amanda's passion about coaching and personal development from the energy during our sessions.


Highly recommend Amanda as a coach to anyone who's going through some big changes or thinking about it."

Lieselotte P.

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