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This Expat Life

A podcast with practical tips, deep dives & interviews with other experts on all facets of expat life

Presented by Amanda Maxime, certified coach, former diplomat & forever globetrotter

In This Expat Life I explore all facets of expat life, by sharing my own experiences abroad, deep dives into everything living abroad can make you feel, interviews with other experts and practical tips to create a thriving life abroad.

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 The most popular episodes  of This Expat Life  

With over 30 episodes and counting, there's plenty to listen to. Whether it's a deeply personal share or an interview with a LinkedIn expert, This Expat Life helps you to live a happier and more fulfilling expat life.

The links below go to Spotify, click here for Apple Podcasts.

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#3 7-figure entrepreneur Celine Charlotte on how she found her home in the US 

And what she did to strengthen her belief in herself.

#1 Finding friends & building a community

My top tips to help you create a social network that gives you energy.

#2 The 10 things I'd do if I were to move abroad again

Lessons learned after 7 years abroad!

#6 My experience as a diplomat

And why I left...

#26 Using LinkedIn for your expat career with Nyna Caputi

Start building & leveraging your digital network while you live abroad.

#32 The perfect storm that changed everything

A very personal and raw share of a dark period I went through - and how it turned a blessing in disguise.

In This Expat Life you will hear more about

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