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Become the CEO of your expat life

Expat life is often amazing, but there are definitely downsides to it (which the people back home seem oblivious to...). Loneliness, cultural differences, torn between two lives: it's all part of it. But there are ways to overcome the challenges and be that happy expat. Download my guidebook to becoming the CEO of your expat life, so you can start nailing life abroad.


I know what expat life is like

Constantly having to speak a different language, keeping up with friendships from back home while also trying to create a new social circle in the host country, or feeling lonely / unsure about your decisions / tired of adapting... I've been there! Although expat life is wonderful, these feelings can really impact your experience.

In my years abroad, I've also seen that as an expat it's easy to respond to things. After all, there is so much newness going on, which you can just react to, whether that's in a positive or negative sense. But this might also lead you away from the life you want to live. What I propose is that you become the proactive, conscious CEO of your expat life, so you can rock it wherever you go. In my guidebook I will help you with your first steps!

In this free guidebook you will...​

  • receive the 3 pillars I've used to design my life abroad

  • learn who the CEO version of you is - and how you can use it to live your best life anywhere you go

  • get tips to meet your expat needs

  • find out more about your mindset

  • get my list of favourite items to bring with me when I go abroad


Amanda Maxime - life coach for expats

As a former diplomat and avid traveler I know the struggles of living abroad (and moving back home!) all too well. And sometimes it's not the typical expat stuff that's bothering us, but the recurring work/love/fulfillment/family patterns that we bring with us no matter where we go - and it can be difficult to deal with them abroad, far away from your inner circle. And sometimes it simply is the typical expat stuff!

I now work as a life coach for high-achieving expats, offering fellow globetrotters a listening ear, giving tips and helping them to get to know themselves on a deep level - so they can make long lasting changes and feel at home within themselves wherever they go.

Reizen in Zweden

Kelly S.

I always thought I could solve things on my own, but this turned out not to be quite the case. I have experienced the coaching as very pleasant. I immediately felt heard and understood, and this allowed me to open up completely.”

A.S. v. V.

Amanda knows how to create a safe space where all feelings and thoughts are allowed. She has the ability to thoroughly examine emotions, assumptions, behavioural patterns etc. and to give feedback in a kind yet straightforward way. As a result of her coaching, I feel much more comfortable and confident about myself.”

Lieselotte P.

Amanda Maxime was a great help to me as a coach. She is wonderful at navigating difficult emotional topics and asked the kind of questions that gave me a better insight into who I am and where I want to be.”

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