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1:1 coaching

Get the tools, knowledge and personal support so you can be your own anchor, wherever you are

As a former diplomat and avid traveller, I know what it's like to keep moving around and getting used to a new place, in a new country, with new people. You learn to be independent, but sometimes you also miss your trusted safety net when things don't go so well. These things don't need to be big:


You deal with the same issues as your peers, but being abroad and far away from your family and friends is an extra factor to take into account.


You could struggle with authority, recurring patterns in relationships, or a lack of self-confidence - and being abroad might make dealing with this a little bit harder, as your inner circle is not around and cultural differences can be at play.

But you might also feel a lack of understanding by your inner circle back home.



Your friends and family are interested, but don't really understand what you're going through.



Maybe you find it hard to attach and detach to people and places all the time. Or perhaps you brought your family with you abroad, and you feel that the responsibility to make them happy weighs heavily on your shoulders. You might find the cultural differences bigger than you expected. Or you struggle to stay calm and centered when your whole life is changing.

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"By the end of my first session, I already had the answer to my initial question"
- Natasja D.


  • calming the unrest and find balance and peace, despite moving around?

  • not doing it alone (for once), but finding recognition and guidance through regular coaching sessions?

  • learning what's behind recurring patterns in work, life and relationships, and replacing them with something better?

  • identifying what it is what you really want - and need - so you can work on that, whatever your circumstances?

  • being happy with your life now, instead of wanting to live 2 or 3 (because there are so many things you want to do)?

Whatever it is you want to work on: because I lived abroad myself many times, I know how nomad or expat life can be. Sometimes all you need is a safe harbour where you can dock. Where you can be your whole self, relax by feeling understood, and be provided with tools to continue your journey. My coaching sessions can be that safe harbour for you.

Coaching can help you to understand the beliefs, thoughts and behaviour that have held you back, and make positive changes towards your goals. I provide a safe space, where you can openly share and show your vulnerable side, without fearing to be judged. Because of my many years travelling, studying and working abroad, you won't need to spend much time explaining your environment to me, which will allow us to go quickly into depth. As a coach I work 1-on-1 with you to see what lies behind your coaching question and how we can go to to the desired result. I believe all the answers are already within you - but that you just need some tools to discover them.

Een tas inpakken

What Amanda does very well is listen carefully and ask questions. She is also not quick to judge and does not label. This means that she enters the sessions in an open way and really looks who she has in front of her. In addition, she did not lose herself in my emotions, but remained professional. She did bounce (naturally) along in such a way that I felt at ease.”

Stefanie H.

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Een losse sessie kost €95 (incl. btw)

Pakketten (incl. btw)

How does this work?

I'm a certified coach and member of the Dutch order of professional coaches (NOBCO). I work with different methods, like Voice Dialogue, systemic coaching, Transactional Analysis and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). In practice, this means that almost every session we will do an exercise to go beyond the cognitive (which you as a highly educated expat have undoubtedly developed strongly). This way we find out what your blockages are, or what the patterns are that hinder you.

We will start with a free intake call of about 30 minutes, during which we look at your coaching question (among others). Afterwards, you can book a coaching journey with me.


I usually spend quite some time on further defining the coaching question in the first (or sometimes even second) session, as it is important to have very clear what you want to focus on. If we don't have the question clear, the sessions later on can be more blurry. Thinking about your question can actually already give some insights straight away. This does not mean that you cannot change your question later on - I will continue to check in with you to see if we're walking the right path throughout the sessions.


After we have identified your question, we will dive into what's behind it, where it's coming from and how you can move to your desired results. Nothing is set in stone, we will work with what comes up.

Each session lasts for about an hour and takes place online or in The Hague (Raamweg 4). The sessions are in English or Dutch. I also offer coaching in combination with breathwork, if you want to explore body-work alongside the coaching (send me an email for more info).


Work with me 1:1


Coaching journey

Ideal if the dust has settled and you realise you run into the same patterns as before or keep having these nagging feelings. Or for when you're not totally happy in expat life and want to understand why. 


You're ready to explore yourself on a deeper level, and to make changes that last and are aligned with who you are.

What you'll get:

  • 5 coaching sessions of one hour each (in The Hague or online)

  • Onboarding questionnaire

  • Unlimited Whatsapp support in between sessions to ask your questions or share your win/struggle

Investment: €627 (payment plan available)


90-min intensive

Perfect if you just need a sparring partner for a difficult choice you need to make, want to gain a different perspective on a situation through one of the coaching methods or are curious to try out coaching.

What you'll get:

  • My undivided attention during an intensive 90-min online coaching session + relevant exercise(s) from one of the coaching methods

  • At least 3 practical tips for you to work on after our session.




Let's chat about the coaching journey

Would like to know more about the coaching journey? Plan a free introduction! In this discovery call we will get to know each other, look at your coaching question and I'll tell you a bit more about how I work.

Intro call
Uitzicht uit vliegtuig

Amanda Maxime was a great help to me as a coach. She is wonderful at navigating difficult emotional topics and asked the kind of questions that gave me a better insight into who I am and where I want to be.


I now feel better in touch with my feelings and understand where they come from, rather than being stuck in my mind most of the time.


I could clearly feel Amanda's passion about coaching and personal development from the energy during our sessions.


Highly recommend Amanda as a coach to anyone who's going through some big changes or thinking about it."

Lieselotte P.

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