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Get the tools, knowledge and personal support so you can feel as steady in your personal life as you do in your career

As a former diplomat and avid traveller, I know what it’s like to build a whole new life in a different country. Besides all the amazing, exciting and valuable experiences you get, it can also be quite the challenge. Not actually (only) because of the cultural differences you have to face, but because your move abroad is stirring up a lot inside of you.

I know from experience that expat life can trigger emotions or patterns you’d much rather want to get rid of:

  • Deep down you don’t feel happy, even though from the outside you’ve got your life in order

  • Feeling lonely or unsupported so you retreat within yourself

  • Not feeling grounded within, because you distract yourself with an endless list of to do’s, events & activities

  • Lacking a sense of direction, which is spiraling you into demotivation or frustration at work

  • Focusing so much on your job, that you can’t determine what it is you really want when you’re faced with a choice about your life.


And the list goes on: like patterns in your relationship, at work, related to your personal goals, or when it comes to dealing with challenges.

Maybe they come up for the first time, but more likely these patterns have been with you longer. You’ve realised that no matter where you go, you bring them with you.

Amanda Maxime.jpg

"By the end of my first session, I already had the answer to my initial question"
- Natasja D.

And as a self-reliant, high-achieving expat...

You probably overanalysed and tried to fix the situation already. Your intelligence and rational side have got you far in life, but you're also slowly realizing that they aren't bringing the solution this time. 

You keep yourself finding back in the same pattern. And perhaps you do what many of us do: (unconsciously) distract yourself or push your emotions away, so you don't need to feel them.


Regardless of how you deal with it, you find yourself in a situation that you know needs to be changed. 


But you're also abroad, without your trusted inner circle, who doesn't really understand what your expat life is like anyway. You feel stuck and are not sure about your next steps.

That's where I come in


As a life coach for expats, I help you feel at home within yourself

I'm not an expat coach who is going to help you find friends or search for job opportunities. My coaching goes much deeper. 

I help you to explore the different layers that are present in your life. To get to know yourself on a deeper level. To understand why you are the way that you are. 


So you can finally tackle those patterns that have been following you around the world - and you can become your own stable anchor to rely on, wherever you go.

  • You feel so centered within, that no matter what changes on the outside, you feel confident about yourself, your life and your choices.

  • You created a sense of belonging within yourself.
  • You feel happy about your career AND your personal life.
  • You no longer feel the need to distract yourself with scrolling or travelling when someone triggers you - instead, you know where the trigger is coming from and give yourself what you truly need.
  • You feel comfortable in your life, even if the future is unclear.

How expat life can also be...


Whatever the situation is you want to work on: as a high-achieving expat you don't need anyone holding your hand, but sometimes all you need is a safe harbor where you can dock. Where you can be your whole self, relax by feeling understood, and be provided with tools to continue your journey. My coaching sessions can be that safe harbour for you.

I offer a 100% safe space, where everything of you is welcome. And because I've lived abroad for many years myself, you'll meet instant recognition on your expat context - there's no need to explain yourself, allowing us to go straight to the core of the matter.

"I always thought I could solve things on my own, but this turned out not to be quite the case.


I have experienced the coaching as very pleasant. I immediately felt heard and understood, and this allowed me to open up completely.”

Kelly S.

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Let me tell you more about my coaching for expats

I believe that you start to feel at home within yourself when you're able to accept your whole self.


Most high-achieving expats I know - and I was guilty of it myself - rely very strongly on their head and cognitive capabilities, forgetting that they also have a body and emotions.

Their busy head is always on and is dominating the other parts that they are. Their cognitive skills brought them many achievements, but the over-relying on their head is now hindering them in some areas that require something beyond the ratio. You won't solve a relationship issue that has its roots in your childhood, with analyzing and 'thinking it away'.

So even though my coaching is always bespoke, there's one thing that remains the same throughout the sessions:

I make space for whatever needs to be felt.

This can at times be a painful process, but afterwards it will feel like you've lifted weights off your shoulders. The more you can accept everything that makes you, you, including the not so pleasant parts, the more you will start to feel at home within yourself.


And you will take this feeling with you wherever you'll go, making this personal journey an investment for life.


And practically, this is how coaching with me looks

To move beyond the cognitive, we won't just be talking in our sessions - expect lots of exercises during our time together! I work with a wide variety of effective methods & tools, like systemic work, voice dialogue, transactional analysis, the character structures of Reich, and more. These are fantastic ways to find out what your blocks are of where your patterns are coming from on a much deeper level. All my sessions are personalised to your needs.

But we'll first start with a free 45-min discovery call to see if you and I are a match, if you like my coaching approach and if your question is fit for coaching.


If it's a yes, we'll work together for 3-4 months and have a session of an hour once every 2-3 weeks (6 sessions in total). This interval is perfect for keeping the focus on your growth while also allowing you time to implement your findings in daily life (where your real growth is happening). We'll use our first session together to define your coaching question a little further (if not done already in the discovery call), which will serve as a compass throughout our journey together.

Besides the sessions, you will also get unlimited whatsapp support to deepen your personal growth in between, as well as homework exercises to find further insights. All so you can construc your home within.


Lisette P.

"I loved working with Amanda. She immediately made me feel comfortable and understood, which made it very easy for me to open up.
It is clear that Amanda is very knowledgeable and passionate about coaching. She is also a great listener, and she was able to quickly recognize and point out some key areas to work on, that would really support me while going through a challenging time in my life.
Our sessions have brought me a lot of clarity in terms of my underlying beliefs, and have set in motion some very fundamental shifts in how I think, feel and behave. I know this will really help me to handle whatever else may come my way."

James K.

"I was a little lost before I started my coaching sessions and felt I needed external support to get me back on track. After the first session with Amanda I noticed a positive change. Amanda was able to listen and give specific advice how to act and think differently in a situation and gave reason to how I was feeling. Our three sessions felt like good, natural conversations with a friend. I'd certainly recommend Amanda to anyone who is thinking about getting some coaching!"

Sarah Brown

"When you work with Amanda you are getting a truly personalised experience. She answered my cry for help with initially reducing my fear of driving - which of course, was rooted in so much more than simply the act of driving. Amanda took time to get to know me, and who was 'driving the bus' in my daily life of fear-based decision making and we worked with those 'characters' to diffuse their power.
The result was feeling more in my body and less in my mind, and more empowered to come from my authentic self, a place of trust, hope and possibilities. It has been such a positive and personal experience.
Amanda is the very best kind of coach and teacher, who works with your needs, priorities and preferences, adapting her approach in response to the evolving outcomes. Thank you so much!"

Let's chat about the coaching journey

Would like to know more about the coaching journey? Plan a free introduction! In this discovery call we will get to know each other, look at your coaching question and I'll tell you a bit more about how I work.

Intro call

Work with me 1:1


Coaching journey

Ideal if the dust has settled and you realise you run into the same patterns as before or keep having these nagging feelings. Or for when you're not totally happy in expat life and want to understand why. 


You're ready to explore yourself on a deeper level, and to make changes that last and are aligned with who you are.


After the coaching journey, you'll feel more confident, grounded and in touch with your true self, enabling to create that sense of inner home wherever you go.

What you'll get:

  • 3 months of working closely together 

  • 6 online coaching sessions of one hour each 

  • Onboarding questionnaire

  • Unlimited Whatsapp support in between sessions to ask your questions or share your win/struggle

  • Follow-up call (30 min) 2 months after our final session

Investment: €1197 (payment plan available)

Uitzicht uit vliegtuig

Amanda Maxime was a great help to me as a coach. She is wonderful at navigating difficult emotional topics and asked the kind of questions that gave me a better insight into who I am and where I want to be.


I now feel better in touch with my feelings and understand where they come from, rather than being stuck in my mind most of the time.


I could clearly feel Amanda's passion about coaching and personal development from the energy during our sessions.


Highly recommend Amanda as a coach to anyone who's going through some big changes or thinking about it."

Lieselotte P.

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