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Shift your limiting beliefs

Tired of trying to make a change in your life but not really succeeding? A limiting belief may hold you back.

Wanting to change vs. the outcome of it...

Do you want a stable relationship with a caring partner but do you keep finding yourself attracting men or women who are afraid to commit? Do you struggle with shining your light at the office, even though you keep telling yourself that this time you will step up your visibility game? Or can you never say no to your mother or that friend that always needs help, no matter how often you vowed to yourself to protect your boundaries?


Whatever the situation is, we ALL struggle with what we intend to do and the actual outcome of it. Despite our resolutions, it can be difficult to really create change - and we find ourselves back in the same old situation, no matter how often we try. Good chance that a limiting belief is at play and is subconsciously holding you back.

But here's the good news: you can change your limiting beliefs!

You no longer need to be governed by limiting beliefs that you once created but no longer serve you. It's time to mindfully take back control and start your inner journey.


I've recorded this video for you explaining how beliefs create your thoughts and eventually your reality - and giving you some ideas on how you can discover and shift your limiting beliefs. Download it now to explore what's been holding you back and to take steps towards a happier life.


Presented by Amanda Maxime, life coach for expats, digital nomads & other globetrotters

As a former diplomat and avid traveler I know the struggles of living abroad (and moving back home!) all too well. And sometimes it's not the typical expat stuff that's bothering us, but the recurring work/love/fulfillment/family patterns that we bring with us no matter where we go - and it can be difficult to deal with them abroad, far away from your inner circle.

I now work as a life coach and rebirthing breathwork facilitator, offering fellow globetrotters a listening ear and helping them to get to know themselves on a deep level - so they can make long lasting changes.

In this video we will cover

Reizen in Zweden

Kelly S.

I always thought I could solve things on my own, but this turned out not to be quite the case. I have experienced the coaching as very pleasant. I immediately felt heard and understood, and this allowed me to open up completely.”

Sara C.

I have done some therapy in the past, but these coaching sessions were different. Intense and quite revealing given the fact that we had only 5 sessions. I notice the results in my daily life. I am more prone to accept some things and ready to have some difficult chats.”

Stefanie H.

What Amanda does very well is listen carefully and ask questions. She is also not quick to judge and does not label. This means that she enters the sessions in an open way and really looks who she has in front of her. In addition, she did not lose herself in my emotions, but remained professional. She did bounce (naturally) along in such a way that I felt at ease.”

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