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Feel grounded & anchored in your forever-changing expat life 

And go from hurried & worried to calm & clear by balancing 4 elements

You wouldn't be the first ambitious expat to...

Feel overwhelmed by small decisions, because they remind you of the bigger decisions you need to make. But this time they seem to have more permanent consequences, and you're afraid to miss out on opportunities, so you get stuck in overthinking your next move (or whether to get that 6-month gym membership because who knows if you'll still be here?! 🤯).

And if you're honest, you're dealing with a baseline of stress already anyway. Your demanding job you want to excel at, your social or family life, wanting to make the most out of your stay abroad... Your days are full and fly by. There seems little time left to contemplate your long-term direction or to pick up a hobby just for fun.

You actually crave more space in your days to prioritise your personal well-being and to think more clearly about your future choices.

As a high-achieving expat, it's key to maintain your energy and to be able to make confident choices amidst constant change.

But that gets difficult when you:

- feel restless because you don't have a plan for the future (or the weekend for that matter)

- are always running around, double-booked

- only know how to think through a decision, disregarding your intuition

- feel like you constantly need to reinvent everything from scratch

- or simply often feel anxious, worried, or exhausted.

So how to get into that right state of mind & energy?

By grounding yourself in your daily life.

So that you feel anchored and centered in that demanding, forever-changing expat context.

And when you get there... That's when you feel calm & in control, find clarity, and make confident choices - no matter where you go.


That's why I created


A concise course to help you ground yourself in your expat life on a daily basis (or as often as you'd like).


In a way that matches your needs and schedule. Without adding more busyness to it.

Aurélie W.

"I'm the kind of person with a head full of thoughts, always thinking, planning ahead, etc. Amanda was able to give some practical excercices to calm down my mind and see things from a different perspective."

Sarah Brown

"The result of her coaching was feeling more in my body and less in my mind, and more empowered to come from my authentic self, a place of trust, hope and possibilities."

Elise v.d. W.

"Amanda helped me to create calmness instead of chaos in my mind, body and business"

Hi, I'm Amanda Maxime

Life coach for expats, former diplomat, and forever globetrotter.

And also former restless expat myself.

With 8 years abroad in 4 different countries, always moving back home in between, plus having coached 100+ expats, I'm all too familiar with the change, stress, and newness you need to deal with as an expat. And not to mention the 'usual' pressure & responsibility of your job, social life and personal goals.

It took me years to find a modus operandi with which I can fully be my ambitious self, while also staying calm, clear and trusting amidst all the changes. And I'm happy to pass on my learnings to you!

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The grounding compass

In Touch Base I will teach you about the four elements I see that you need to include in your life truly ground yourself. Meditation - that is often advised - is good, but is simply not enough to feel centered, clear and confident, consistently.

I identified four elements, or directions, that together form a compass for you to help navigate your expat life: thinking, feeling, doing and being. These four elements need to be balanced in your life on a regular basis, so that you can live from your authentic self, no matter the circumstances. The mistake that many ambitious make is an over reliance on one of them, either thinking or doing, and therefore not grounding themselves to the fullest extent.





What you'll get inside of Touch Base

  • A clear understanding of the 4 elements and how you can personalise & include them to your life.

  • 10 videos, 2+ hours in total, on the 4 elements, how to make your own grounding compass, and 3 ways how to stick to it (also available in audio).

  • A list of suggestions for grounding activities: 30+ ideas and counting

  • BONUSES if you join this founding member round: two visualisations, a video on how to get out of overwhelm (available on 1 July), and the opportunity to ask me your questions (I will answer them in a recorded video).

  • Direct and lifetime access!

Sand Texture

Doors close on 3 July

Join now and start grounding yourself today, so you can find the space, calmness & clarity you want.

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