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Coaching is not just about understanding yourself

My coaching sessions for expats can go deep, but I always help you translate your insights into practical, future-oriented steps - because I really want you to see a concrete change in your life after my signature programme The Coaching Journey.

Deep insights of why you are the way that you are and how it's shaping your life are necessary, 100%..

But I don't want you to stay in this 'understanding' phase only.

I want you to take action on your insights, tweak what's necessary and explore a different approach, so that after 4 months, things have not only shifted in your inner world but also in your outer world.

So when my coachee Will sent me his testimonial, needless to say I was happy to read it.

He applied his 'aha' moments right away to how he was operating his business, making an immediate ROI on The Coaching Journey.

Curious about my coaching? You can schedule a free call to hear more - book it here.

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