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From Diplomat to Dreamer: Why I Don’t Miss My Old Career and How I Found True Happiness

"Do you miss your diplomacy career?"

Even though I quit my diplomat job 2.5 years ago, I still get this question at least once a month (followed by "can you go back?", regardless of my answer to the first question 😂).

So to answer it...

I think this photo says it all 😉

No, I do not miss my diplomacy career.

Occasionally, I do miss certain elements:

🔸 the fantastic, bright people I worked with

🔸 the inspiring people I met in my roles (from indigenous families in the Amazon to prime ministers)

🔸 the high-level topics, performance & pressure

🔸 the travel

🔸 and, I'm going to be honest, the prestige

But I realized that, with the exception of the first two, it all comes from the ego. My ego misses diplomacy every now and then, but my heart is much happier overall.

Because there is much more that felt soul-sucking at the time that I do not miss at all (the bureaucracy, the internal focus, the internal politics, the absence of seeing direct results of your work)..

Which has created space to do the things that truly make me happy 🤩

And some of the things I do miss?

I intentionally add them to my life. I still work with inspiring, international people (that I get to pick now!), and I created my business in a way that I could work from anywhere 🇧🇷

Are you thinking about leaving your golden cage? You can schedule a free call to hear more - book it here.

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