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Is Your Emotional Bank Account as Full as Your Financial One? A Wake-Up Call for High-Achieving Expats

As a successful, high-achieving expat, your financial bank account is probably pretty filled… But what about your emotional one? 💵

If you’re an expat sent abroad by your employer, chances are that you are living a busy but exciting life and get rewarded well for it.

You work hard, travel often, and while your job is demanding, you’re also determined to make the most of your time abroad. And you’ve got the means to do that!

But can it be that the excitement and financial flexibility are also masking something else?

🎭 Dissatisfaction with the fact that you’re not spending enough time with your family as you’d like, because you're on the road all the time?

🎭 Feeling more and more unfulfilled in your job - the deadlines keep you going but deep down you’re wondering if this is it?

🎭 Your head that is non-stop ON and your muscles that are constantly tense, because you’re juggling so many balls at once?

It’s only human that we tend to relieve these feelings with something that works in the short term: like spending money on travel, clothes, fancy dinners, or entertainment.

And with the expat pay, that becomes an easy solution.

I know it from my own experience, when I wasn’t feeling very fulfilled in my diplomacy career but had plenty to spend on airplane tickets for welcoming distraction ✈️💁‍♀️

And from friends, who confessed they bought new furniture to feel better or flew off to a neighboring country every weekend to release stress from work.

We often don't talk about this because money and difficult feelings are topics we tend to avoid.

But if you recognize the above, it’s time to start filling your emotional bank account too - you’ll need some savings there as well to succeed in the long term.

How? By becoming aware of your feelings and not seeking short-term relief for them. That means sitting with whatever is really going on for you below the surface, even when that feels super uncomfortable in the moment.

Coaching can help with this. Schedule a free discovery call to hear more about my life coaching for expats - link in here 📞

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