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Navigating the Holiday Homecoming: Staying True to Your Expat Self

You're an expat going home for the holidays, and you're feeling a bit nervous because: how do you stay more observant this time, instead of getting caught up in everything like you always do?

A coachee asked me this question. She was looking forward to her trip but, from previous experiences, knew how busy it could get 🤯.

But mostly: how easily she could slip into old patterns.

Did I have any tips?

Sure. But I wanted to go a bit deeper.

Because what was truly the issue here? 👀

Prompted by my questions, she realized that while she is happy with her life abroad, it is also a deviation from the norm back home.

And seeing her family and friends from childhood over the holidays, she is confronted with how she’s not complying with that norm, making her question her decision to live abroad altogether.

Covered up as ‘expat holiday busyness,’ it was actually a much deeper issue she’s been struggling with her entire life: dealing with expectations from others and from herself.

Instead of approaching it with logical thinking, we did a constellation exercise. Placing objects that represented her current self, her young self (the last time she lived back home), expectations, shame, and guilt.

Twenty minutes later, her whole energy had shifted 😮.

The constellation made something visible that she hadn’t been able to put her finger on. Now she realized what it was really about - and mostly, what needed to change within her to feel steadier being back home.

And this is why I love my work. Yes, I can help you with practical tips and mindset shifts

But if we work on a deeper level, you’ll find insights that can help you make a change at the core, with a much longer effect.

Plus, these are insights that you take with you for the rest of your life, no matter where you’ll go in the future ✈️.

Is this the level you want to be guided on as well? Let’s have a chat!

👉 Book your free, 45-min discovery call through the link.

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