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Unveil Your Steady Inner Space with Touch Base: My New Course for Expats!

Yesss, I can proudly present what I've been working on behind the (noisy 😅) scenes in Rio over the last couple of weeks...

My new course, Touch Base, is here! 🥳 [Doors open for only 5 days!]

Touch Base is my new online course designed to help you feel more grounded in your busy & forever-changing expat life.

Because I know from my own experience and from having coached over 100 ambitious expats that grounding yourselfis the non-negotiable first step to a happy & fulfilling life abroad.

After all, how can you:

  • Make confident decisions & choose what's right for you...

  • Give your best to your job & family and maintain a social life in different countries...

  • Trust & enjoy the uncertain expat journey...

... When you are consumed by stress, stuck in overwhelm, always on the go or so busy that you feel like you've boarded a high-speed train and you have no idea where it's going? 🤯

You'll need to ground yourself first so that you can create that steady inner space, regardless of the forever-changing external circumstances.

And THAT is what's going to help you find calmness & clarity, enabling you to choose, do & be what's right for you.

In Touch Base, I'll teach you exactly how to do that, using the 4 elements that I identified (which go well beyond the standard 'start meditating' advice 🥱).

And there's more inside. So get grounding with me and your fellow expats for just €97!

Doors are open till 3 July. Sign up here: Touch Base Course

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