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Why Finding the Right Expat Coach Can Change Your Life: A POV You Deserve

POV: You finally found a coach who can help you live a more fulfilling life AND who understands your expat context in a heartbeat 🙌

So that:

👌 You feel a huge sense of relief and connection every time you share a challenge of living abroad – no need to explain yourself like with your circle back home.

👌 You don’t need to share how a decision on your career has a big impact on all other areas of your life – and that it has been why you've felt stuck.

👌 You can safely say you actually don’t want to go back home, because you’re enjoying the freed up time by not having to go to that obligatory family visit and that acquaintance's birthday a lot (but saying that to your family is off limits...).

👌 You can plan the sessions in a way that they don’t interfere with your busy schedule & travel.

👌 You experience a safe space to say that maybe, yes, you are meant for more elsewhere – something you don’t want to express at the company that got you here.

Feel like that’s a point of view you want to have?

Let’s hop on a video call! 👩‍💻

You’ll find the link here to book your free, 45-min discovery call. My digital door is open Tuesdays to Thursdays 👋

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