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Why Waiting to ‘Think It Over’ Might Be Holding You Back From True Transformation

“I just want to think about it a bit more myself first,” was what a potential expat coachee told me in a discovery call last week.

It wasn’t the first time I heard this objection to starting 1:1 coaching in the near term.

I’ve seen it before: smart, high-achieving, and self-reliant expats who schedule a call because something is bugging them.

In one or more areas of their life, they don’t feel fulfilled. They see my messages, and they feel called to book a free consultation with me.

We identify roughly what seems to be the real, underlying issue driving the unfulfillment and look at what we could do about it. And then…

They go back to the approach they know so well:

Figuring it out themselves first, before getting other people on board.

They’re so used to fixing problems themselves that they’ll only ask for help once they have clear what the issue is and how the help should look.

At the stage of a discovery call, they’ve only just seen the depth of what they want to work on – and that may look like a mess to them.

So they first want to do some more thinking & analysis alone, to organize that ‘mess,’ and when that’s clearer, then-they’ll find someone to go through the details.

It’s like that overly full storage room you first want to sort out before hiring a professional organizer.

But my coachees who achieved the biggest transformations?

We're the ones who called me right in the middle of the mess.

Because in that mess, their habit of analyzing everything didn’t work so well. And that’s precisely what allowed us to go much deeper, feeling all the feels and finding answers beyond their strong cognitive brain.

And honoring those answers led them to changes they wouldn’t have made otherwise – and to lives they feel truly happy in.

Feeling called – though maybe not ready 😉 – to take a look at your inner storage room? Book a free discovery call through this link

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