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Change Your Scenery, Change Your Life: How a Weekend Away Can Bring Clarity and Rejuvenation

Every now and then, we need a change of scenery to:

  • Step out of our autopilot daily routine

  • Zoom out to see the bigger picture

  • And view our lives from a different perspective 🔭

I live for these moments.

I believe that too much time spent in the same place or doing the same things over & over again will prevent you from seeing what else is possible for you, and you’ll miss out on the endless opportunities that are waiting for you.

Get too trapped in the day-to-day stuff and you’ll believe that that’s all there is.

So when a friend came to visit me in Rio, I took this as an opportunity to change my noisy city scenery for a weekend of peace & quiet in the mountains (surrounded by toucans & hummingbirds as I write this!).

Here, I feel the space to pause & reflect on this year so far, how I’m doing, and what I wish for the coming months (and what’s needed to get there).

I’m coming back home to Rio with my mind calmed, my energy replenished, and my soul filled, knowing what’s next for me.

Here are some questions I regularly ask myself on these trips, which might help you too:

🔶 If everything continues as it is, how will my life look in 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years?

🔶 Who must I become to meet my goals/live the life I dream of?

🔶 What beliefs that are not serving me do I need to let go of to get there?

🔶 What do I wish more of on a daily basis?

🔶 What habits can I add to feel my most confident & energetic self consistently?

If a change of scenery isn’t possible, a change in your daily routine, like taking yourself on a coffee or spa date, can already do the trick.

And find that difficult because daily busyness always fills your calendar? 🤯

My coaching programme can give you the commitment, space & accountability you need for your personal growth, so you can feel more fulfilled in your expat life.

Get in touch by booking a free discovery call here.

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