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Feeling Stuck? Why Moving Again Isn’t Always the Answer for High-Achieving Expats

“Or maybe I should just move again?”

A question I hear regularly in my discovery calls with high-achieving expats.

There are so many conflicting things going on in their head:

👩‍💻 Career options

📍 Location ideas

💜 Relationships

📝 Practical implications

✈️ Family ties & proximity

🥇 Personal goals

And probably a lot more 😅

These things all seem equal, and the expat keeps going round & round in the same thinking loop without getting any further.

All they know is that in the current situation, they are not fully happy & fulfilled 😓

So the “maybe I should just move again” – aka start over again – seems to be the right decision. A fresh start 🤩

But when they contemplate that option, they’re right back in square 1, stuck in that loop 🤯

What I see going wrong here is that they view everything from a rational point of view, including things that should be felt, like fears and big dreams.

So if you want to make a decision that’s aligned with what you truly want...

You can’t rationalize it all – you also need to include your feelings and intuition.

A skill the high-achieving expat – whose intellect got them so far – could develop a little further, in my eyes 👀

Are you searching for clarity around your next steps? Let’s schedule a call.

I offer 1:1 coaching for high-achieving expats so they can feel truly happy & fulfilled in their global life.

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