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Transform Your Life by Tackling the Work You're Avoiding

"The magic you're looking for is found in the work you're avoiding."

A quote that couldn't be more true and one I've come to live by in the last months.

We dream of something different, better, new in our relationships, career, or life.

But at the same time, we're often also avoiding the needle-moving work that will make that happen – because it's scary, more difficult, and do we even really want it?

It's fear disguised as rational arguments and excuses, keeping us right where we are.

If you want to materialize that magic that now only exists in your head, you've got to stop avoiding the work.

That work may look like:

✅ Looking into the possibilities for the relocation you've been dreaming of

Proactively going for that promotion

✅ Having a vulnerable conversation with your partner or situationship about what you really need

Publicly starting a creative side hustle because you're more than your analytical expat job

I've used this quote myself for professional and personal decisions I had to take.

I asked myself: "What am I most scared of?" and went for that – because I've seen so much proof over time that this is where the biggest magic was created. Needless to say, this has also generated my biggest leaps every time.

So as we're starting a new week...

What magic are you going to find?

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