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Unlock Your Potential: Exciting Ways to Work With Me Starting Now!

One of my favourite months has begun, and that also means the unofficial start of my favourite season (in the northern hemisphere!).

Here's how to work with me this summer – or winter, depending on where you are 🙃

01: Touch Base: My new course launching on June 20th – entirely at your own pace. I'll give you the tools to feel anchored in your busy expat life on a daily basis, so you can find the calmness & clarity you're looking for and feel confident in your choices.
The priority list is open now, which means you can be the first to get access & receive a bonus training (limited spots available).

02: Your Next Destination: This mini coaching package, consisting of 2 sessions + an assignment, is designed to help you get out of your own thinking loop and make a decision on your career or location.

You can book this directly on my website.

03: The Coaching Journey: My signature programme, a 4-month 1:1 deep dive with full support. Understand yourself on a deeper level so you're fully equipped to decide what's right for you, feel steady wherever you go, and create a life you love. Online and from July, also in-person in The Hague again.

Schedule a free discovery call to see if this is the right fit for you.

04: The Next Level Expedition: My new programme is going for a second round! Enjoy powerful group sessions, individual coaching & support for 6 months, so a new you can emerge. Starting again in September (online) – with bonus access to my live event on 28 September.

Keep an eye out on my website for more details soon.

Want to know more about these options?

You can find plenty of information on my website, and I'd be happy to chat further in a Discovery Call!

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